Aditya Birla Finance Limited

Be assured

We at ABC would never ask for

Any sort of advance or up-front payment for personal and business loans

Personal Information like password, pin, OTP, CVV, etc.

If you have received any suspicious calls or messages from entities claiming to be from ABFL, please check their authenticity by visiting our website or, calling our branch or call centre at 1800 270 7000 or by writing to us at

Typical indicators of fraud

You receive unsolicited messages/links online

You receive or come across unbelievable / lofty offers

An imposter asks you for sensitive information like OTP, CVV, pin, etc.

An imposter asks you for your personal information like your mother’s name, maiden name, etc.

Be Vigilant


Share demographic details like Date of Birth, Mother’s Name, PAN, Aadhaar, etc. with strangers

Share biometric details like Fingerprint, Retina Scan, etc.

Disclose personal information like User ID, OTP, Card Number, Card Expiry Date, CVV, etc.

Fill up forms for Lottery, Refunds, Reward Points, etc.

Write down your Debit Card or Credit Card pin

Respond to any suspicious message, even if it comes from someone known

Click on suspicious links that might contain Lure and Threat elements


Install Licensed Total Security in the device you use for online transactions

Write the name of the organisation and purpose on photo-copied documents

Use Virtual Key Pad for Mobile/Net Banking, if available

Take contact numbers only from companies that own secure websites

Be Informed

Fraudsters operate with two very important tools – Lure and Threat. Never act out of Greed or Fear. Identify them, and it can be very easy to stay clear of fraud.

Beware of Lure

Don’t fall for promises of money

Be wary of unrealistic offers

Avoid unreliable aid for medical crises like COVID-19

Stay clear of Threats

Avoid offers that threaten you to act instantly

Install anti-cyber-threat security on your mobile and computers

Ignore any message/call that asks for OTP, CVV, Passwords, etc.

What if you have already been cheated?

We have observed that some unscrupulous people, who are neither affiliated with Aditya Birla Capital Ltd. nor with any of our subsidiary companies like Aditya Birla Finance Limited are cheating people of their money by promising loans at an unrealistic interest rate via fake marketing banners/ websites, etc. by misusing our name, brand or logo (explicitly and/or implicitly) and employee information.

We, as Aditya Birla Finance Limited (ABFL), may not have any control over any such third-parties misusing our name and are not in a position to help you, as much as we would like to. However, rest assured that appropriate steps are being taken at our end on such fraudulent activities. We highly recommend that you ignore aby suspicious product/loan proposal, not disclose your personal or financial details or transfer any money to anyone approaching you claiming to represent us; unless you have verified the identity of the person and the proposal with one of our branches or by calling us on our customer care number at 1800 270 7000 or writing to us at

Relying on any such information without verifying and confirming the same with Aditya Birla Finance Limited will be at your own risk and liability, as to cost and consequences thereof.We assure you of our co-operation with the law enforcement/investigation agencies, should they reach out to us.

What should you do if you are subject to fraud?

Contact our branch or customer care immediately (within 2 days at least).

Please remember that we are always by your side and will always do everything in our power to make your experience with us as fulfilling as possible.